Welcome to Arthur

Arthur Spinone

You may know of our passion for Italian Spinone dogs, and ever since our first-born, Flossie, became part of the family in 2003, we have loved this breed for their sense of fun, gentle even temper, and just a mischievous and cuddly attitude to life.

Dennis, who is 12 ½ now was just 10 months old when he came to join Flossie, and he’s a gentle giant. Loves food, loves a cuddle, and although he is an old gentleman, he is a happy, home-loving dog, as long as it is on Dennis’s terms! We like to think that Dennis is our sleeping partner!

Dolly was born in the summer of 2014, and after Flossie sadly passed away last year, Dolly has taken over the helm of the matriarch dog. She is still cheeky and tries to get away with lots of things, but her very loving nature makes her a real pleasure to have around. Unlike the boys, her fur is softer, and needs a little bit more attention. She’s just recently spent a 3-hour session in the pooch parlour at Higham Pet Spa to have her beauty therapy – she decided against the pink nails!

Dolly has taken over the general management of the B&B. It’s on her terms only, and she is always in charge!
And now Arthur. Arthur was born on 9th August, so is just six months old. His size is that of a young adult, so it is quite difficult to remember he is still a baby. Arthur is a mini-Dennis in colour and shape; a little hot-water bottle, and generally (!?) quite well behaved.

We’ve put him in charge of supervising the cleaning. Of all the dogs, he is the only one who will pick up a toy and take it back to his bed! Never been known before.

We, Simon and William, are usually running around to make sure they are all happy, keeping us happy.