Burleigh Table Setting

Burleigh Crockery – Time for a change!

For years, we have used Portmeirion Botanic Garden crockery for ourselves and for guests, but after so long, we decided it was time for a change!

But what to? There are so many beautiful designs of crockery available, but when we both owned a deli and kitchen shop in Northampton a few years ago, one of the best suppliers was a crockery manufacturer called Burleigh.

Burleigh CrockeryEstablished in 1851, they are one of the best known pottery companies in Stoke on Trent. They use traditional techniques that other mass-producing companies do not use, and we felt as though their skill of manufacture, quality of product and customer service were the basis for a good start.

A busy pattern works well in a breakfast environment, and we decided on ‘Black Regal Peacock’ as the design. Regal Peacock caught the eye of Queen Mary when it was launched in 1913, and has been an important design in the Burleigh range ever since. The complicated design is decorated using tissue transfer printing from hand engraved copper plates. It is a 250-year old process takes seven years to master and is one of the many skills that comes out of the Middleport pottery.

The addition of new crockery has brought a new dimension to our breakfast tables, and together with the breakfast servery area introduced in late 2015, we hope that our customers appreciate the quality of our breakfast which is guaranteed to start the day on the right foot.

You can find out more at: www.burleigh.co.uk