Mistletoe Cottage

Mistletoe Cottage Finally Complete

If you have been following the story of the construction of Mistletoe Cottage, you will have been with us since last Summer, when planning permission was finally agreed to build the house, to replace some pretty shabby stables from fifty years ago.

Today, we have a great looking holiday home (though we say it ourselves!) in West Herefordshire, one of the most beautiful parts of England, for those who want to take a week away from normal life, to experience a relaxing and restful holiday.


Eco-Friendly Home

Building a new house brings many hurdles to jump, particularly with planning and energy conservation. We decided to embrace the eco-friendly qualities of the cottage with several energy-saving features:

  • Air Source Heating – this marvellous machine absorbs heat from the outside air. This heat can then be used to heat radiators, underfloor heating systems, or warm air convectors and hot water in your home. It can get heat from the air even when the temperature is as low as -15° C. Air source heat pump efficiency ensures a sustainable, and effective heating solution. For every 3Kw of heat that an air source heat pump produces, it uses only 1Kw of energy. There is no need for fuel delivery, all the work is done by the heat pump at the back of the house.
  • Waste Water System – by using natural filters deep in the ground, the water and waste is filtered until it is safe to remove the liquid into the water table.
  • Insulation – With modern day materials, the house is designed to be draught-free and warmly insulated. Of course, windows can open for hot days, but heat loss from the house is minimum and always provides a cosy feeling.
  • The house has been built by local tradesmen from a local company, using local suppliers.
  • Our supplier for electricity is Ecotricity, who generate all their energy from renewable sources including wind, waves and solar energy farms.

Mistletoe Cottage Bathroom

What’s to do in Herefordshire?

If you have never visited this beautiful county in the West of England, you are in for a good surprise. Whether you’re into natural walks and cycle rides, history and heritage, family activities and adventures, quality food, cider and delis, books and art, there is something for everyone within 20-30 miles of Kinnersley.

Take a look at our website to see just a few of the local attractions, and make your plans to explore this delightful area.

Just 70 miles from Birmingham, 130 miles from the centre of Manchester and 165 miles from London, the journey is part of your holiday as you make your way to the relaxing and peaceful Mistletoe Cottage, nestled in between fields and farms at Kinnersley.

Our website is now up and running, so you can read more about the cottage and its features. And if you do fancy a week away, you can book online and everything will be done for you. Easy to book, Easy to stay and relax.

For more information, and details about your holiday home, go to: www.mistletoecottagekinnersley.co.uk

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