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New, But Old, Sitting Room

When you’re staying away overnight, and you only have space in your bedroom for sleeping and watching TV, wouldn’t it be nice to have a bit of space to relax, bring in a drink, read a book, a magazine or newspaper, in a comfortable room with plenty of space. Maybe you’d like to have a chat with another guest, or just sit with your laptop and catch up on emails, video links and Skype with your family back home, without having to prop yourself up on your elbow on the bed.

Well, now at The Old House, you can have plenty of space for all of these things, as we open the sitting room for guests to relax.

You may know that the house is dated at around 1580. It’s not the oldest house in Market Square or the town, but it’s in the Top 2! As you look around the sitting room, this is the oldest part of the house, and the area that has been least tampered with over the last 440 years. Around the fireplace, you will be able to see original Tudor carved rose and shield with a falcon, and how the stone work has been shaped to match the designs on the wood – or is it the other way round?

Only about 40 years ago, the timber of the ancient beam caught light with a wayward spark, and it was some time before being noticed, but by then, it was too late as the damage had been done. Some fairly clever splicing and carving has left the mantelpiece in the same style as it was, although it is pretty evident that the wood on the right side, is the newest.

The Old House Sitting Room 2

There’s a bit of a question over whether the house was in two parts originally, with a central access point through the very old oak front door (which is original). It is documented that the house was intended for use by the Merchant who managed the Market Square. Traders would come from all over to trade in the Square which was on the busy cross roads that travelled North and South (what became the A6) and East and West (what became the A45).

However the house was laid out at the time, what is evident is that the sitting room is part of the original building with the huge inglenook fireplace and the stone walls. The great part about this room, apart from its comfort, is that it doesn’t need much painting or decorating!

Next time you are visiting The Old House, please do take time to enjoy the comfort of the sumptuous sofas and chairs, relax with a drink and a magazine, or just pop in for a chat. Your WiFi code works in the sitting room too. The sitting room is open for guests registered at The Old House, from early morning until 10.00 in the evening every day.

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The Old House Sitting Room 1

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