The New Merchant Room

Merchant Room

The Merchant Room was one of the first rooms we refurbished when we arrived and created The Old House Guest Accommodation almost six years ago. As the four-poster bed joined us a few years later, we realised this year that the fabrics were looking a little tired and it was time for an upgrade.

We were lucky to find a very talented lady in Yorkshire who is an excellent seamstress and she made the bedspread for us. Locally, Yvonne made the curtains and cushions. With the colour change on the walls to a paler blue, we were very happy with the finished result which sat very comfortably with the William Morris wallpaper.

Merchant Four Poster

It’s one of our favourite rooms (they’re all nice!), but with a great view over the medieval Market Square, people-watching during the day, the comfort of the cosy four-poster, and a room with a bath and shower, what more could you wish for?

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